The new CBS Jericho Website - And how CBS got it right!

Submitted by Lilith on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 04:28.

I was very surprised today when Nicole (Sprout519) messaged me earlier today. "Go look at the CBS Jericho page!" she excitedly typed. I was shocked and impressed with the redesign. Here was a clean, crisp page, and best of all, one that I felt really recognized the fans and catered to their desires.

It was a very smart move. CBS has figured something out not many networks have - Fans matter. By linking to the fan owned and operated sites, CBS is recognizing that we as a fan community do have something to contribute. So many networks work against non-official sites, claiming intellectual property rights and copy write infringement in an effort to drive traffic to their own sites (and reap the advertising revenue). But CBS appears to be choosing a different route, one that I personally am both shocked and pleased with.

So kudos to CBS for being a pioneer. Moves like these prove the Jericho website does deserve the Emmy it is nominated for!


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very impressed

This was quite historic and I was quite impressed. CBS did a great thing.

It's A Real Partnership

CBS has truly aligned themselves with the Jericho fandom.  This is a bold move by CBS and they should be congratulated for this historic effort. THANK YOU, CBS !!!