The Diverse States of America

Submitted by bbeitel on Thu, 01/03/2008 - 06:44.

Greetings from the Diverse States of America.  In our country, we focus on how we are all different.  Our flag is Black, White and Gray.  It's mostly black and white, with a thin gray line in the middle.  The middle is boring, anyway.  It's very difficult to pigeonhole someone or something if it's characteristics aren't black or white.  It's mundane.  It's not different.  It's not extreme, or radical, or bold.  It's on the fence; indecisive, and it doesn't raise any eyebrows.  It's hard to argue a point in the middle, because it makes compromises.  The worst thing we can do in the DSA is to make concessions or compromises.  It's imperative that we remain different, never to come to a mutual agreement.  Our principles and values are too important.  Idealism is bad.  Thinking too much about ideals raises questions.  Questions start causing problems, because they cause us to confront our values.  We shouldn't question what we know to be right.  It goes against the very substance of our black and white existence.

A musician can play diverse notes.  Oddly enough, these different notes produce cacophany; a chaos of noise that can be painful.  That's strange...the notes are different, but there's no meaning to them.  Doesn't diversity require meaning?  Now I'm starting to think.  Starting to question diversity, because of the noise.  The musician plays a chord.  The notes are different, yet they produce a common tone.  How is this possible?  The notes are related by key.  The key determines the melody.  Could it be that there is something we're missing in the DSA?  Something missing that is as basic as simple musical theory?  Sometimes the notes blend, different notes working together to create harmony.  Each note is unique as an individual, but it is in the cooperation of these tones that creates harmony.  The different tones of each instrument blend the tones into a symphony.  A united state of different individuals working together towards a common purpose.

I notice there are colors in the world.  Not just black, white or gray.  There are vibrant hues of Blue, Red and Yellow.  These colors work together to form other colors:  Green, Violet, Orange.  Still more colors are born even from combinations of these colors.  Even black and white blend with the colors, resolving into a complete spectrum with a common identity.  Each color is unique and different in it's own way, yet they were brought about from the same source of light as any other.

I realize that diversity no longer matters.  It is not our differences that define us.  Instead, we shoud focus on our common needs and goals.  Freedom isn't black or white, us or them. We've oppressed ourselves by our unyeilding need to separate, focus on our differences, and rail against those who dissent.  Community and common ground are just as essential to this country as they are to the musician in the orchestra.  Could you imagine an orchestra where every musician was playing whatever they felt like, since diversity and rampant individualism is more important than cooperation?  The truth is, America is like that diverse orchestra; a factory of noise and chaos.  We have no common direction.  We have no sense of community purpose.  We're far more concerned with individual cost than with community benefit.  Why not promote harmony--or more important--UNITY?  Then we could be the United States of America.  Our flag would be red, white and blue.  A nation of individuals united for a common purpose, not just our own benefit.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  I sure think so.

Jericho - Season 2....CBS disinterest...or Dead Give Away?

After reading your blog I surfed the web....and found something so similiar to Jericho, it made me wonder why if this is the real reason why Jericho was canceled.

Coincidence....or too, too close to Reality? - You decide.


or Search: TOPOFF/Vigilant Shield






Relating to Jericho

Could you imagine what would have happened in Jericho, had the people in the town focused only on their differences?  It was in the common needs and interests of the entire town that Johnston Green brought everyone together in the end of the Pilot episode.  Jake has had several opportunities to do his own thing.  In fact, the people of Jericho pretty much expected the worst from Jake.  Instead, he has put aside those differences and his own needs to fight for what's right.