All Paths Lead to Oakley Kansas

Submitted by JerichoJohn on Tue, 09/04/2007 - 21:25.

Hi I’m Jericho John and I am the Vice-Chair of the Guardians of Jericho. I used to hang out a lot on the Mythology board. I am retired from the Navy and currently practice law in Louisiana and DC. I was one of the group that first decided that we can help promote the show by having a convention.

Many people have asked why we chose Oakley Kansas as the site for the convention, rather than a site with a major airport such as Denver. Fair question. Oakley was my idea so I will answer that question. The first reason was because Oakley is at the geographical site of Jericho (look at the map on the CBS board) and we felt that it would give the convention goers a good feel for the environment facing the residents of Jericho. Cost is also a factor since Oakley is much cheaper than Denver. Perhaps the best reason is the welcome we have received from Oakley and the Logan County Development Corporation. Those folks are as excited by the convention as we are. They are just as happy if 20 people show up or 2000. We are receiving individual attention from the town of Oakley and Logan County designed to facilitate the events and welcome the Jericho fans. They have donated a lot of money via sponsorships and without their efforts I doubt the Convention would break even. If we went to a larger venue, we would be lost in the shuffle and considered a minor group. From the Mayor on down Oakley has been just wonderful to us and I know that they will welcome all Jericho fans into their town. They will not receive a portion of the fees. All money goes to the convention expenses present and future.

Others have asked why does the registration include a membership in the Guardians of Jericho. While you can pay for individual days or events without joining the Guardians of Jericho, as a member you have the opportunity to participate in the annual meeting, elect members of the board of directors and help shape future conventions. State corporation law provides that only members have that power.

I know there was a lot of concern about the convention being canceled. Folks it was a real possibility. Last minute registrations, some sponsorships and help from Oakey allowed us to avert that. We also had to make some deep budget cuts, unfortunately. The breakfast will be scaled back and we will probably have to forego T-shirts. But the convention will go on. And the BBQ will be a hoot. We have surprise planned around 9:02 p.m. on Saturday night. Shaun - you’ll want to broadcast this one live!

We want the convention to be both entertaining and educational. Hopefully we will active those goals. We need your support and your feedback. Quite honestly I was overwhelmed by the effort to save the show, We hope that the convention will be a way to say thank you to many of those fans. It is also a solid means of promoting the show and reminding CBS of the depth of support for the show. This year’s convention will be small but it will get bigger and bigger every year. The support that you show for Jerichon 2007 sends a strong message to CBS that this show is here to stay.

See you at Bailey’s.

Jericho John