back and running

Submitted by tei187 on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 17:36.

hi there, i'm tei187. some of you may remember me from the early days of the campaign and JRP and from the "we know who dropped the bomb" poster-kinda-thing. i had to make a break to solve some things. those who know what was it about know it. those who don't know - won't know :)

so... without any problems, cheerful and happy i came back. you should know that i don't like to get anywhere back emptyhanded. i would feel kinda silly without bringing anything back (because i had a lot of great conversation and heard many warm words from people participating on this site). that's why i spent some time today to bring you another poster-like thingos to kick into this great community.



well... that's all, for now. currently i'm working with some friends on our first short video promoting jericho. we're still learning the trade so it may take us some time to finish it, finding the correct scenes. however we're moving on and will propably end the project in the nearest future. so stay tuned.


signing off,